The Loss

When a fire broke out in one of the largest independently owned bottling companies in the United States, production came to a dead stop.  This company was faced with the harsh reality that their business might not be able to reopen unless the line restarted quickly. With thousands of bottles waiting to be filled, time was running out.


The Restoration

Within a few hours, we had an army of emergency restoration technicians on site to begin the task of restoring the damages and getting production back on line.  

The first critical decision was to meet with the client and their insurer to map out a plan to restore operations.  Our Project Management team devised a way to get half the facility up and running within two days and the factory began shipping orders within the week.  A key strategy was to contain the badly damaged areas by erecting large, temporary walls so production could resume at the plant

Services Included:  

  • Cleaning Restoration 
  • Deodorizing
  • Pressure Washing 
  • Structural Drying 
  • Containment 
  • Debris Removal 
  • Temporary Storage 


Their World Restored

Properly restoring the operations of this production facility was essential to ensure there was no contamination of the end product. Our teams worked around the clock to limit the damage, disruption and business loss created by the fire. The factory's ownership was very appreciative for our efforts which allowed them to get back in business and honor their commitments to their important national accounts.