The Loss

This landmark church founded in the 1860's has served the community in so many ways. Sometimes it was a soup kitchen and shelter. Sometimes it was an outreach center for American soldiers. All of the time it has been a beacon of spiritual hope for it's faithful.

Tragedy struck one night as fire broke out in the chancel of the church. The blaze destroyed the pipe organ, choir stalls, and other woodwork.  Luckily, thanks to heroic fire crews, the priceless stained-glass windows remained intact.


The Restoration

Restoring a historic neighborhood icon has its challenges. With 80 foot ceiling height and damage to all limestone and painted surfaces, access was critical. A full scaffold needed to be set up to facilitate the proper cleaning procedures. Working with the church staff we mapped out a plan to complete work on site while allowing the church to regain use of important worship areas.

 Services Included

  • Structural cleaning
  • Debris removal
  • HEPA vacuuming
  • Odor removal
  • Repainting
  • Restoration of fixtures

What made this job unique was the church parishioners. Never before had we seen such an offering of help from the local community. In an effort to get everyone involved, we distributed cleaning supplies to the congregants so they could lend a hand in restoring their beloved house of worship. Members got their hands dirty as they cleaned the very pews they prayed from every Sunday.


Their World Restored

It took many hands nearly a year to restore the church interior. Those involved were dedicated and grateful for the chance to help. What was especially gratifying was seeing a community galvanized to action.

After the job was completed the church sent us a thank you note and pictures of their restored church once again in use by their parishioners.