Green Clean Restoration™

Green Clean Restoration
Maxons' Green Clean™ service is geared to eliminate contamination during our restoration process by taking into account two separate important paths: Products and Methods.

Our products are third party certified and have been reviewed by a staff LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). We also use products that have been approved by the EPA for use in environmentally responsible cleaning.

In the effort to quickly improve the indoor air we use HEPA Air Filtration Devices and Hydroxyl Generators to clean the air the same way our troposphere is cleansed naturally. Air monitor devices are used to monitor the progress of particulate removal and verify the effectiveness of our processes. We use HEPA vacuums to remove contaminants, so they do not get reintroduced to the site's environment.

Our goal isn't to just solve your problem, but to do so in a sustainable, responsible manner. This option is available as a service to our industrial, commercial and residential clientele and our trained staff is available to answer your questions.