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Hire A Pro: Water Damage Restoration

Water leaking from old rusty water supply pipe in water treatment plant

Water disasters in your home, business, or institution are often unexpected, and they can be a great cause of stress. Floods can cause incredible amounts of damage to your property, which can be devastating, and when approaching the cleanup to a water-damaged area, it can appear simple enough to handle the mitigation/cleanup on your own.

How hard could it be? What’s the worst that could happen? 

Water Damage Restoration Professionals In Westchester

In some cases, yes, that is the case, the solution is that easy, but ultimately, one has to be informed, that the work isn’t always as simple as it may seem. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification), advocates that professional water damage restoration services should be administered to any water loss larger than the small section of a wet carpet. Why? 

Many of the materials found in a building soak up water quickly and take a good amount of time to dry out to acceptable standards. Without the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience, chaos and additional damage can occur. Things like wood warping, buckling, cupping, splitting, sheetrock sagging, mold growth, odor, and other additional potential health hazards quickly become an undesired reality, when water damage is treated incorrectly.

Why is hiring a professional water damage restoration company so important?

  1. Speed     

Speed is so important to minimizing damage, finding hidden damage, and saving contents. 

Getting your space back to normal happens fastest when you have years of experience on your side. Professionals are able to respond immediately and can start extracting the water, drying, and disinfecting the area. (deleted last sentence)

  1. Specialized Drying Equipment

During a water disaster, you need industrial-strength equipment, arranged in a particular way, to maximize drying and in turn, saving time and cost. This equipment also ensures that drying is done completely and thoroughly. This is critical as space may look dry, but it isn’t. This can lead to the growth of mold and secondary damages. 

  1. Microbial Growth

The biggest threat to your occupants after a water loss is microbial growth. Microbial growth can cause serious health issues and can start growing on moist surfaces almost immediately. Making sure the water loss is properly dried is your best defense against microbial growth. 

  1.  PPE

Another potential cause of potential health issues is the water itself. Depending on the classification of the water in your space, it can carry numerous contaminants. These contaminates should be handled with proper care and the appropriate PPE that a professional company will have.

  1. Expert Guidance

By hiring a professional restoration company, you will get an accurate assessment of the damage caused. You will (also deleted) be equipped with a crew who values saving contents over replacing them, allowing you to hold on to your possessions and limit costs. You will also have the guidance of a company that has worked with insurance professionals for decades, helping you navigate your claim while properly documenting the loss and ensuring an agreeable scope of work. 

Restoring property to its normal, safest, conditions involves a series of remediation techniques that differ greatly depending on each individual situation.   By acting fast, and knowing who to call, you can minimize the damage to both the structure and contents of the space. We understand the temptations of handling these losses yourself. However, it is crucial water damages are dealt with correctly to avoid long-term damages and to ensure the safety of your staff and tenants. 

Our Westchester Regional Manager, Greg Schlicht, talks about why hiring a professional is so important here:


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