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Water Damage Cleanup Tips

water damage cleanup white plains ny, water damage restoration white plains ny, water damage repair white plains nyYour home is vulnerable to water damage from indoor and outdoor forces. Perhaps a late spring snow or tropical storm dumps hundreds of gallons of water on it. Less dramatic, a tiny pinprick hole in a back bathroom can also cause thousands of dollars of damage. No matter the cause, when your property is affected by water damage, it’s critical to identify the cause and act quickly to avoid further destruction.

Household water damage can be very stressful to deal with, especially when it leads to more problems down the line. Excess moisture can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and quickly wrack up a hefty restoration bill. Repairs often require the help of professionals; here are a few DIY steps while you wait for help from Maxons to arrive.

Wet materials begin to develop mold after 24 hours; don’t wait to get the Maxon team onsite to get started. If your project is small, here are some DIY tips below. If you can’t accomplish everything in 24 hours, call in for reinforcements. 

Disconnect Outlets

The first thing to do when you discover water damage in your home is to unplug all electronics immediately. Be cautious around appliances and gas lines; turn of power to the damaged areas until you can make a good assessment. Clear the space in front of the breaker box for easier access. 

Dry Water Out

Everything will dry more quickly and clean more easily when the team works to reduce the humidity and prevent mold. Fans help to move the air and dry out your home. Do not use central air conditioning if the ducts were under water; they will blow out dirty air that might contain contaminants. Let an expert like Maxons properly place multiple fans to maximize drying. 

Professional dehumidifiers reduce up to 50% more of the moisture, compared to units designed for home. Heavy duty and rugged, these dehumidifiers quickly and efficiently extract water, dry flooring, and curb harmful mold growth. Water damage dehumidifiers typically feature large wheels for mobility and internal pumps for no-hassle water removal. 

Remove Damaged Materials

If your porous materials, like insulation or carpet, are soaked with water, you need to dispose of them immediately to avoid mildew. It is important to focus on the ceiling and floors first. This means unsealed cement, drywall, and wood need to be addressed and replaced so the home’s structure can support water damage repair. If this debris and material has mold, it will need to be wrapped in plastic while transported out of the house to avoid spreading mold spores. 

Disinfect Remaining Areas

Depending on the type of water you are dealing with, it can contain a lot of bacteria and other hazards that can cause health problems. Once the damaged materials have been removed,  the team might disinfect the entire area before beginning the restoration process.  

Oftentimes, mold can appear inside the walls or floors, so it’s important that this inspection is ongoing throughout the cleanup. Again, if you believe the damage is beyond what you can handle, leave water damage restoration to the professionals – contact Maxons. 

For Water Damage Cleanup In White Plains

Maxons is a single source provider offering a wide variety of emergency cleanup services to coordinate all aspects of any water damage restoration project. We keep you up-to-speed on all aspects of the restoration project, using our online project management system to help you make informed decisions at every phase of your recovery. 

For a great relationship during the project, you will receive a preliminary loss report within 24 hours that delivers a complete description of damages, scope of work, and initial cost estimates. The water damage cleanup experts at Maxons will follow-up with daily project updates so you have the essential information you need when you need it.

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